What Is VOIP?

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is Internet phone service.  One of the main benefits of VOIP is its cost-effectiveness, as it generally less expensive and more budget-friendly when compared to traditional telephony services. VOIP has expanded since its commercial introduction in 2004, and is now available on a variety of devices that have Internet access, such as smartphones and tablets.

For those looking for options outside of the large telephone company monopolies and government mandated telephone services, VOIP may serve as an attractive alternative.  How VOIP works is also very simple: VOIP allows users to either circumvent or supplement, traditional telephone services by offering Internet-based phone.


How Does VOIP Work?


VOIP transmits audio streams via Internet provider networks.  Users with reliable broadband Internet access can receive inbound and make outbound calls similar to standard landline calls. VOIP can be utilized in a variety of ways, including:


  • VOIP phone: Designed as a traditional or cordless phone that typically includes hardware specifically intended for use with VOIP services.
  • Softphone: Softphones don’t generally require any external hardware and appear with on-screen functionalities similar to those on a traditional phone. Users can make calls using the computer’s mic and speakers.
  • ATA device (Analog Telephone Adapter): This device allows users to use their existing traditional phones as their primary VOIP phone device by attaching to the phone externally and connecting to a VOIP network


VOIP is growing in popularity due to its affordability and portability.  Users are able to receive their calls wherever they get a reliable Internet connection, making it easy for them to stay connected.  This is incredibly beneficial to individuals who regularly make international calls or long-distance phone calls outside of the typical time frames pre-determined by your phone service provider.  A VOIP business line is a great alternative for companies who regularly deal outside of their local calling area.  As VOIP continues to expand, more features are sure to be introduced that will make it an even more favourable choice when compared to the major phone companies.


Whitecourt Communications offers VOIP services for business and residential customers with local phone numbers. If you are interested in learning more about our VOIP phone services in your home, office or in the field, feel free to give us a call today (780) 778-3778 for local, long distance and international calling options.



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