SCADA & Remote Monitoring Equipment

Whitecourt Communications Ltd. offers SCADA systems and equipment to monitor and control a variety of systems in the field.  SCADA can support a number of call-out systems to ensure that your production and safety needs are being met to your standards.  Our reliable systems and expert technicians can set you up with the proper SCADA system and equipment.

We offer services in Swan Hills, Fox Creek, Barrhead, Little Smokey, Whitecourt and most areas in between.

Whether it’s a gas plant, well site, waste water plant, gas field or a system in a remote area, SCADA allows you to monitor the area without having to be onsite.  Whitecourt Communications Ltd. can offer you SCADA systems and equipment to meet your needs.

For further information on SCADA systems and equipment contact us or call (780) 778-3778.